SD Learning Bosch Meeting

01 mar 2019 - General

The SD Learning Bosch meeting is a biannual event held between the Bosch Aveiro customer and its preferred suppliers, aiming at sharing experiences in the implementation of continuous improvement in industrial processes.
This 9th meeting was held at Silencor’s facilities, with the participation of Bosch Aveiro, Tecnocabel, AHenriques and Microplásticos.
The meeting began with a brief explanation of the tour to be made to the shopfloor, starting with the stamping section, then visiting the welding section and finishing the assembly section.
After the tour, brainstorming was done on the aspects they observed, the most positive aspects of the observation and the opportunities for improvement.
In the continuation of the agenda, each participating company made a presentation of the improvements implemented in the last semester. Next, the next meeting was scheduled to be held at the company AHenriques and the 9th SD Learning meeting was concluded.
To conclude, Silencor offered to all the participants a lunch for socializing and exchange of impressions.


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