From it's inception, Group SACIA has had, as part of it's strategic goals, a constant attention to the quality of it's products, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.
In order to satisfy this goal, Group SACIA was certified NP EN ISO 9001 in the year 2000, embracing this as an element of it's management strategy, and an added value to the organization.
In 2003 another step was taken along this road with the certification of the company to standard ISO/TS 16949.
The group created, as a support tool to it's manufacturing arm, a Laboratory dedicated to Metrology and Material Analysis (LMMA) with a management system certified against the standard ISO 17025.


Quality Policy

1 - Increasing satisfaction of customers and employees

2 - Promote Continuous Improvement in products with technologically advanced processes, reducing costs.

3 - Prioritize all matters related to product safety and regulation, minimizing the risk of use for users and the environment

4 - In conflicts between Quality and quantity, priority should be given to the Quality component.

5 - Inform and sensitize employees to the importance of Quality in the image and future of SACIA / SILENCOR

6 - Adopt a direct and narrow method in the relationship with clients to respond quickly and effectively to their needs and expectations

7 - Maintain a Quality System according to NP EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and special requirements of customers

8 - Gradually widen the scope and borders defined

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About Sacia Group

The SACIA Group, acting as subcontractor for light metallurgy, permanently aims to broaden its range of customers and its areas of activity, always seeking to respond to their demands and expectations, guaranteeing them high levels of quality.

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