Project designation: Qualification of Silencor


Project Code:  POCI-02-0853-FEDER-021613


Main objectives Silencor has defined a medium / long-term strategy based on the following strategic objectives:

  • Customer orientation;
  • Innovation, focusing management on structured processes, standardized, certified and supported by modern technological systems;
  • Loyalty and Trust, guiding the performance of Silencor;
  • Safety, ensuring the best working conditions, meeting the most stringent standards and standards;
  • Heritage, maintaining the quality of facilities and equipment, fundamental in the activity of Silencor;
  • Respect for people, ensuring the qualification and continuous training of all employees, promoting their technical and personal development on an ongoing basis;


Intervention area:  COMPETE


Beneficiary Entity:  Silencor – Indústrias Metálicas Lda.


Approval date:  December 20, 2016


Project Start Date:  October 01, 2016


Project Completion Date: March 31, 2019


Total eligible cost:  EUR 529 975,00


Financial support from the European Union:

FEDER   EUR 238 488,75


Project description:  The current investment project is part of Silencor's growth and international expansion strategy.
The strategy has been properly outlined, aiming at increasing the company's turnover, expanding to new sophisticated geographic markets and high added value and empowering the company with the resources needed to address New markets and respond to requests from new customers, enabling them to provide the skills and tools needed to be competitive, enabling inclusive, sustainable and intelligent growth.This project allows the strengthening of the capacities of organization and management of Silencor, allowing the introduction of new methods and organization of the work, strengthening of management capacities and layout improvements, as well as the placement of goods and services and use of IT technologies.On the other hand, it allows a specific qualification of the assets, particularly in the fields relevant to the strategy of internationalization and moderniztion of the company, enabling the integration of national value added.


Project Execution Level monitoring

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The SACIA Group, acting as subcontractor for light metallurgy, permanently aims to broaden its range of customers and its areas of activity, always seeking to respond to their demands and expectations, guaranteeing them high levels of quality.

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