SACIA-SILENCOR, a reference organization in the stamping area for the automotive and other sectors, regards social responsibility as a fundamental dimension of its management and in its relationship with stakeholders.




SACIA-SILENCOR commits itself within its area of action to:


1 - To promote ethical behavior based on the values of legality, honesty and integrity, permanently showing concern for people, the environment and all stakeholders;

2 - Reject and denounce in all circumstances any type of corruption or influence which may be subject to or subject to all aspects of its action;

3 - To act in accordance with the applicable national and international laws, regulations, and good practices applicable to its activity;

4 - Recognize the right of interested parties to be heard and ensure that their expectations are taken into account in the decisions of the organization:

5 - Ensure equality of opportunity and treatment, rejecting all forms of discrimination (race, color, sex, ...) unrelated to their suitability for the task;

6 - Reject and denounce all forms of child labor and all forms of forced labor, as well as any labor practices that violate the dignity of employees.




SACIA-SILENCOR undertakes to adopt the best organizational practices within its scope of action in order to always respect the legal, ethical, social, environmental and economic level in its value chain.


Version A: 2018/01/25

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About Sacia Group

The SACIA Group, acting as subcontractor for light metallurgy, permanently aims to broaden its range of customers and its areas of activity, always seeking to respond to their demands and expectations, guaranteeing them high levels of quality.

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