Group SACIA, aware that, only through the quality of the services provided would be able to maintain a continuous and sustained growth, created from the start, an infrastructure dedicated to services in the quality control.

O LMAM (Laboratory of Metrology and Analysis of Materials) equipped itself so as to be able to provide services to the other members of the group in the areas of calibration, measurement, and material analysis of the equipment and products of the group.
Taken the first step, the group immediately saw the possibility that LMAM provided.
Thus, in a pioneering decision, LMAM initiated the process of certification in dimensional metrology.
The first private sector entity to do so in Portugal.


In 1994, LMAM was finally competency recognized by the issue of the Certificate of Quality N. 94/L114, issued by the Portuguese Institute IPQ (Instituto Português da Qualidade).
In 2001, LMAM was transferred to it’s current location and base of operations for Group SACIA, Agueda.
In the same year, a request was made to IPQ to certify LMAM capabilities in the areas resistance to saline mist, and measurement of coating thickness. Process which was concluded in 2002 with the Certificate 02/L.320(current L0250-IPAC), affirming itself, more and more, as reference marker in it’s areas of expertise.
It further add to all this, by certifying itself to the standard ISO/IEC 17025 for measurements and calibration.


We provide a wide range of services in the way of quality control (measurements and calibration) for which we are certified by Portuguese Institutions.


• Calibres de limites

• Comparadores com braços para medidas interiores/exteriores (*)

• Comparadores de alavanca e de haste telescópica (*)

• Esquadros

• Micrómetros de exteriores (*)

• Micrómetros de interiores (*)

• Micrómetros de profundidades (*)

• Paquímetros (*)

• Paquímetros (*)

• Paquímetros de alturas (graminhos) (*)

• Paquímetros de profundidades (*)

• Planos de medição e traçagem

• Réguas de filamento


• Cilindricidades

• Coaxialidades

• Concentricidades

• Conicidades

• Controlo dimensional

• Esfericidades

• Medição de forma e posicionamento

• Paralelismos

• Perpendicularidades

• Planicidades

• Rectilinearidades

• Simetrias

• Cordões e chanfros de soldaduras

• Durezas Brinell, Rockwell e Vickers

• Espessuras de revestimentos

• Medição dos estados de superfície

(*) – Ensaios acreditados


In order to be able to provide the services listed, LMMA has on hand equipment of excellent quality, of which we mention only a few:

  • Caixas de blocos padrão com capacidade até 500 mm
  • Banco de calibração
  • Autocolimador electrónico
  • Medidor de espessuras de revestimentos
  • Rugosímetro
  • Durómetro
  • Projector de perfis programável
  • Comparador diferencial electrónico
  • Régua electrónica Amoscale
  • Máquina de medir por coordenadas (3D)
  • Câmara de nevoeiro salino
  • Célula dinamométrica
  • Fonte de luz monocromática
  • Padrões ópticos
  • Lupa binocular
  • Torno de senos


LMAM Laboratory


If you need any additional information or a budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Sacia Group

The SACIA Group, acting as subcontractor for light metallurgy, permanently aims to broaden its range of customers and its areas of activity, always seeking to respond to their demands and expectations, guaranteeing them high levels of quality.

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