SACIA/SILENCOR is dedicated to the production of metal components and assemblies by cutting, stamping, assembly and welding.
It considers the Environment as a relevant aspect of its business and, for this purpose, evaluates the Environmental Impacts arising from its activity, within the scope of its Environmental Management system according to NP EN ISO 14001.
In this way SACIA/SILENCOR establishes the following Environmental Policy:

Optimizing the organization's environmental performance, in the way of:
Minimize or, if possible avoid, negative impact on the environment, preventing pollution and promoting the appropriate use of natural and energy resources.
Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other environmental requirements that the organization subscribes to.

For the development of this Policy, the following principles are defined:

The Administration assumes the conservation commitment of the Environment via:
Pollution Prevention
Rational use of natural and energy resources
c) Separation and appropriate routing of waste produced
Promotion of good practices for the sustainable use of available resources with a view to improving the environmental performance of the organization.

The Administration therefore provides adequate human and material resources for the implementation and maintenance of the Environmental Management System.

All SACIA / SILENCOR processes and activities must comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements that may exist.

The Environmental Management System follows the practices of continuous cycles of improvement, aiming at the gradual reduction of negative impacts on the environment and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.
For such are established and followed objectives and targets aimed at continuous improvement of the system.

SACIA/SILENCOR sensitizes and forms its employees on the environmental aspects of their activities, motivating them so that their behavior in the workplace contributes to the good environmental performance of the organization.

This policy is disclosed to all employees and stakeholders in order to promote their involvement and commitment in the operationalization of the Environmental Management System.

Version 1 of 2017-11-20

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